Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Air Force Juan

By Cathy Cochrane and Sherry Snowden

The Browder Saga Continues

By Cathy Cochrane and Sherry Snowden

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ghost Bikes

I have a great deal of compassion for anyone who has lost a loved one.  I am concerned that the ghost bike memorials being placed in Lee County will ultimately end up in the back of a truck headed for a scrap metal yard. As disrespectful as that might seem, it is a fact in  this economy. If the bikers want to make a statement or memorialize those who have passed away on Lee County roads why not place a wall near a linear park?  Or create a memorial wall or park somewhere in Lee County.  I understand the psychological impact of placing the bikes at the exact spot where a biker has died. The message they are trying to impart will be very short lived. All it takes is one person who values money not morals.

Sherry Snowden

Scott goes after consumer protection

By Cathy Cochrane and Sherry Snowden